Wednesday, November 23, 2016

17 Jawans no more in surgical strike.

News: Ever since the India began a surgical strike, India has lost 17 soldiers including BSF( Border Security Force) in the tit for tat against Pakistan. Bodies of Indian soldiers were terribly mutilated. Since September 29, Pakistan has been firing illegally and throwing shells in civilian areas. 

Line of Control: The Line of Control is the border between India and Pakistan that is the 'cease-fire' line according to the Shimla Agreement of 3rd July 1972. This part of Jammu and Kashmir has been under the control of Pakistan. It is a 550 km electrified barrier that has been constructed by India to stop infiltration and smuggling across the border. These are lighting systems, alarms and sensor nodes attached to the fence to ward off the trespassers. These illegal activities have stopped to great extent after the border was built.

Fun Fact: Surgical strike means a military attack to legitimate military targets and no collateral damage to the civilians or surrounding buildings and structures. 

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