Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday and Fidel Castro

Black Friday is the day after  thanksgiving . It is the day when the Christmas shopping officially begins. A day which has the highest amount of business or discounts, advertisements and shopping takes place. Different countries celebrate it in different ways from declaring it as a holiday to offering discounts to keeping shops open the entire night.

News: Fidel Castro dies at 90. 

The leftist icon dies at 90. Flags are at half mast in Cuba and nine days of mourning has been declared.

He faced 11 American presidents till his death, during his rule. He is known for setting Soviet style communism. He was openly labelled as a 'tyrant', His power began to face in 2006 when he faced a gastrointestinal ailment and handed over the rule to his brother Raul Castro. there were many unsuccessful attempts to kill him.

Fun Fact: The term 'black' in Black Friday came from the fact when many people reported sick after thanksgiving and remained absent at work. This led to a four day holiday.

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