Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Football and flight crash

News: Plane crash wipes out Brazilian football club team
The LAMIA charter plane with the Chapocoense Real football team. There were around 81 people of the players and staff of the team. The team was headed to a game against Columbia's Atletico Nacional. The defender was pulled out of the debris and is said to be stable. The dead coach's son missed the flight as he forgot his passport.

There have been many flight disasters with football players.
May 1949:18 players and 13 others from Torino football club

February 1958: 8 Manchester United players and their coach
April 1961: 8 of Chile's Club de Deportes Green Cross
December 1987: 16 of Alianza club of Lima and their coach
April 1993: 18 players of Zambia national team

Fun fact:Coaches of the football team travel with the team. Always.

Fun Fact:

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