Friday, November 18, 2016

The Mouse of every child's dreams!

Mickey Mouse appeared on Steamboat Willie today on November 18, 1928. The 88th birth anniversary of the well-loved, endearing and famous Mickey Mouse. He was well loved in the past, is well loved in the present and will be well loved in the future days too. The ‘m’ in the mouse is in the upper case too, coz it ain’t no longer a mere mouse, it is The Mickey Mouse. It is also the birthday of Minnie Mouse who starred the same film. One must not forget that this film has sound synchronized along with the moving picture. Yep… the little beginnings of animation and the like.
This birthday went on changing dates for the promotion of various films and it was not until 1978 that Dave Smith the founder of Disney Archives declared it. He went on to say that since it was the first time that Mickey came to the public forum in the form of a film, it was this day that was Minnie and Mickey Mouse’s birthday.
The day he actually drew a mouse and went to meet cartoonists, he was considered a joke. Though his brother was already in Hollywood, these guys went through failures after failures and even betrayal once which led to their last resort- Mickey Mouse.

Oh! And he has grown! Not only Mickey, but his creator grew as well. 
He gave the world all that fantasy, fairy-land they wanted. A land of dreams for children and elders to relive their childhood.
Yes! Disneyland!

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