Wednesday, November 09, 2016

When a country decides the dynamics of the world...

As the world awaited the Election Results of the United States of America, it is essential to realize how the dynamics of one country affects the world. World powers are super powers for a reason. Their changes create a ripple effect which is so strong that the policies of the countries change.
-The veto power which USA enjoys is due to its part in the major 'world committees' like United Nations thus affecting the world's economic and peace policies.
-USA along with India are the largest democracies where people choose their government. This means these countries set a trend to how people choose their leaders and maintain democracy in their countries. Thus non- democratic countries look up to these countries to create democratic environment where free and fair elections are the norm.
-Countries which rely on trade and immigration to US need to think about it as the president decides these policies and makes them known to the general public before the elections. This affects the geo-political conditions of other countries.
- The President of the United States has certain powers which can affect other countries like declaring war under certain circumstances.

Thus, elections of United States of America affect the dynamics of other countries in every way. There are ways in which Trump’s presidency will affect the world too.

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